Another incredible tool lands in the Lifesycle platform for Estate & Letting agents, helping them to work smarter.

In this 3 minute video, CEO of Iceberg Digital Mark Burgess, gives a brief overview of how Lifesycle helps agents to work smarter.

According to Seth Godin “Marketing is the generous act of helping someone solve a problem. Their problem. Marketing helps others become who they seek to become”. But how do you do that if every agent is talking about selling or letting properties?

Google is one of, if not the, most valuable companies on the planet. They have an incredible technology business that stretches around the globe. But what if you could apply their method for building an unstoppable business even to a small one branch estate agency?

Ever have that reoccurring feeling in your estate agency business that you are ‘almost there’? Finally, you might just be able to start living the dream - but it always seems to remain just a few steps away no matter how much you increase your revenue? To solve it you need to focus in on one specific metric that most companies don’t focus on.

Monopoly is a game almost built for estate agents. Make your way around the board balancing your cashflow with the idea of picking up new business. The strategy is simple. Make it through the early days, build hotels and watch the money come rolling in. So why do most agents keep hitting the reset button?

With social distancing orders still in place and many people trying to minimise the amount of unnecessary human contact they are having with people; the pandemic has changed the way we interact meaning Digital contracts are now becoming a must in businesses around the world but how do you ensure they are still legally binding?

Embracing digital best practice in estate agency is no longer just a case of matching and mailing from your old crm system. Digital tools now offer estate agents a significant competitive advantage when it is needed most. Here’s our pick of the top 7 digital best practices for estate agents, to help beat the competition.

The new features and functions in Lifesycle to help you work smart in your estate agency just keep coming! Turn your buyers into sellers automatically and make your life easier as the years roll by. Lifesycle is helping over 1000 agents work in a smarter way in order to do more work in less time.

It’s a proven fact that SMS marketing will help strengthen your business, so with this in mind, we have now made it super easy for our users to control their SMS credits within Lifesycle by simply topping them up and adding these themselves.

The world of Estate Agency can be a busy place with too many things that need doing from posting content and properties on social media, to qualifying portal enquiries, staying in contact with new potential sellers and landlords and letting people know of your successes, to name a few, but what if your software did all that for you?

No business could ever be accused of being slack by being unprepared for the first lockdown but what if there were a lockdown 2? Have you actually implemented any changes that would lead to less stress this time around?