It’s a proven fact that SMS marketing will help strengthen your business, so with this in mind, we have now made it super easy for our users to control their SMS credits within Lifesycle by simply topping them up and adding these themselves.

The world of Estate Agency can be a busy place with too many things that need doing from posting content and properties on social media, to qualifying portal enquiries, staying in contact with new potential sellers and landlords and letting people know of your successes, to name a few, but what if your software did all that for you?

No business could ever be accused of being slack by being unprepared for the first lockdown but what if there were a lockdown 2? Have you actually implemented any changes that would lead to less stress this time around?

One of the most useful tools in Lifesycle reported by our users is the leads function, where not only will Lifesycle automatically qualify all of your portal enquiries for you automatically by asking them the questions you set but it can then follow up with those leads in the right way. But it just got better...

Neil King is one of the top Independent Agents is the UK and the Founder of Neil King Residential. A Multi Award winning agent in the UK Estate Agency Industry and he gives his thoughts on how working with Iceberg Digital has changed his business, what worried him before he joined and why he could no longer live without Lifesycle.

Katie Cromwell is the owner and director of No86, an independent estate agency near Swansea in Wales. Rob discovers how Katie started her online and high street agency and some best practices she adopts, including the use of technology to ensure she runs her business as efficiently and smart as possible.

How do you make your new software adoption a success? This article highlights some of the key steps an estate agency should take in order to implement new software into their business and ensure its success.

In estate agency history, pre internet, mobile phones or social media it was common view that if you wanted to expand your market into a different area, you would need to find a branch and have the costs associated in maintaining and staffing it - however, with the use of clever technology, this is now not always the case.

Statistics from Lifesycle have thrown up some incredible insights into one of the best places to gather new instructions that most agents probably know about, but are missing out on.

If you are an Estate Agent, you have probably heard all of the reasons that you should be using Lifesycle, how about some reasons why you shouldn’t?

Content marketing can be hugely successful for a business when done correctly. But it can quickly become a nightmare of un-quantifiable work if a whole content marketing loop is not in place. In this short video we explain how to make sure you have the whole loop in place for maximum results.

Estate Agents are always searching for great listers but they are like unicorns. Instead, build a perfectly repeatable valuation structure FOR your listers, to make them great! Learn the structure from appointment booking, through how to structure their pitch, to long term prospecting in order to make them great. In this completely free workshop...