A explanation of Lifesycle in 3 minutes...

In this 3 minute video, CEO of Iceberg Digital Mark Burgess, gives a brief overview of how Lifesycle helps agents to work smarter.

Lifesycle has been designed to significantly raise the productivity of Estate & Letting agents by helping them to work in a smarter way through the centralised use of technology in their business. By bringing marketing, listings and leads together into one centralised platform Lifesycle is quickly becoming known as the iPhone for Estate Agency and reinventing the way agents work.

At first glance £999pm may seem high for a small Estate Agency, so why are 92% of our clients 1 to 2 branch independent estate agents?

Having one centralised platform for scheduling social media content, being supplied off the shelf content to use, sharing properties on social media and seeing who is looking at them, being supplied your instant valuation tool, qualifying portal enquiries, automatically following up on every opportunity from those portal enquiries, being supplied with your post appraisal web based presentation tool, tracking & nurturing every market appraisal you attend, automatically compiling and sending out your monthly newsletters, showing who to call for more viewings, valuations or instructions, allowing you to send out digital contracts, email marketing platform, SMS marketing platform, Landing page creator and much more. Lifesycle is breaking new ground in not just Estate Agency but in technology and in doing so is allowing companies to actually save money on all of the tools they currently use and manpower, while working more efficiently.

Work smarter. Work the Lifesycle way.

If you would like to learn more, see a demo and find out how Lifesycle can help your Estate Agency complete our enquiry form and one of our team will get you booked in for a zoom call at a time that works for you - Go here to complete our form.

Laura Howey and Kelly Jeffrie are the co-founders of award winning estate agency, Love Property, based in North Yorkshire. Rob discovers how Laura and kelly set their company up, the struggles they have been through and how they have a unique process which allows them to sell properties in 30 days.

Ever have that reoccurring feeling in your estate agency business that you are ‘almost there’? Finally, you might just be able to start living the dream - but it always seems to remain just a few steps away no matter how much you increase your revenue? To solve it you need to focus in on one specific metric that most companies don’t focus on.

According to Seth Godin “Marketing is the generous act of helping someone solve a problem. Their problem. Marketing helps others become who they seek to become”. But how do you do that if every agent is talking about selling or letting properties?

How do you make your new software adoption a success? This article highlights some of the key steps an estate agency should take in order to implement new software into their business and ensure its success.