A magical step forward for Estate & Letting Agents

A magical step forward for Estate & Letting Agents

Automated email responders to your portal enquiries asking them to qualify themselves online has become a popular feature with agents looking to spend their time more effectively but Lifesycle adds some extra magic into the mix…

The principle of the idea behind leads is to help a company work more efficiently whilst also maximising the number of opportunities for a company in the short, medium and long term. So how does it work?

The basics are quite simple and there are now a few tools in the sector that do these basics, but it is the advanced functions of Lifesycle centralising your data that start to bring the real change.

The Basics: Portal enquiries now get pulled directly into the Lifesycle system giving your team one centralised place to see all enquiries and assign those leads out to members of the team to deal with, however, before you do this, Lifesycle will automatically send those enquiries an email and SMS message, thanking them for their enquiry and asking them for a bit more information before you can get them booked in for a viewing.

They can then simply complete all of the details that you need to know. For buyers, things like, do they have a property to sell? Do they need a mortgage? Which days and times can they view etc and for tenants, things like do they have pets? Do they need to give notice etc. This will then show them as a ‘verified’ enquiry. Your team can also manually verify a contact by completing the answers for them.

This saves your team literally hours of time per week, by letting them see all of the verified leads to deal with and allowing them just to resend the verification message to those who have not yet answered the questions.

The added magic: Whilst that first part of the process alone is a huge leap forward for agents, Lifesycle takes this even further.

Lifesycle has over 20 different marketing tools combined inside one system and this centralising of data now comes into play.

Based on the answers that your enquiries give, Lifesycle can automatically send these people off down different automated routes in order to capitalise on any opportunities. Got a property to sell that is not yet on the market? Automatically send them the instant valuation tool (included within Lifesycle) to use by email, SMS or even via a Facebook Ad!

Got a property already on the market with another agent? Send them to an article about what to do if you are not happy with your agent and see when they are looking at it!

Need a mortgage? Show them an advert about mortgage advice the next time they go online via social media etc. All possible in Lifesycle from portal enquiries, thorough to verified leads, through to seeing relevant content via email and social media, all without anyone lifting a finger!

This would leave your team free to review their ‘lead deck’ and clearly see where the best opportunities lie, allowing them to not only speak with those people and solve their problems easier but also allowing them to spend their time on the valuable tasks of making deals happen.

On top of all this, your Lifesycle systems will now highlight to your team, if any of those people go to your website in order to look at other properties or even if they are viewing your properties through social media!

This new structure of working is proving to be a winning formula for everyone involved as the front line staff no longer have to spend all day chasing around after people trying to qualify them. Lifesycle will capture EVERY opportunity and make sure that person never slips through the net in the short, medium or long term by staying in contact with them forever.

All in all, it is proving to be a much smarter way of working.

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