Are you talking to yourself on Social Media?

Some simple mistakes that lots of people make when trying to reach new contacts when pushing out content on Social Media.

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Since the UK first went into Lockdown in March 2020, more and more Estate Agents have been vocal about 'embracing digital' but unfortunately many of them are still 6 years behind the trends of what embracing digital actually means.

In this video you can find out not only how to make creating content easier and more consistent but how to make that content both meaningful and useful in order to offer value to the reader/viewer but to also highlight your business.

In 2019 we spoke about the technical revolution coming our way in the 2020’s. The past year has speeded this up at an astronomical rate. In 2021, fundamental technologies will change the way Estate & Letting Agents work forever and it won’t be a ‘portal’ that does it…

Over the past 30 years all kinds of new jobs have appeared that never used to exist, in fact even entire industries have materialised. But the job roles in an estate agency organisation have remained largely the same but all that is about to change...