Automatically sort good portal leads from bad ones and more...

No longer spend days trying to get through to your portal enquiries and never worry that you are not maximising all of your opportunities to ask the right questions about if they have a property to sell or need a mortgage etc again.

The lead management section of Lifesycle has always been a very popular feature but we have just released a new function that improves it even further. In this video Mark Burgess, CEO of Iceberg Digital, explains more.

If you would like to find out more about how agents are using this and other functions inside Lifesycle to improve their efficiency, maximise their revenue and move their business forward into a new age click here to book in for a discovery call.

Rhian Daniell's is the Marketing Consultant for the boutique single branch independent estate agency, Alexanders in Aberystwyth, Wales. Rhian and Rob Brady discuss their views on the property industry, how Rhian is creating relevant content to engage with her community and where she feels the industry will go.

When someone calls you to book in for a valuation it is very tempting to just get them booked straight into the diary as quickly as possible. But in this article, we look at how much more successful you could be by profiling.

How can you cut through the noise with an instant direct message to your landlords, without it being drowned out and perhaps not even noticed? Using SMS marketing is an effective way to send powerful, one-off messages to a landlord which will allow them to connect with you from a distance.

The world is evolving and this means that marketing and customer expectations have also evolved. Marketing is now smarter than ever before and if you fail to understand new methods, or even fail to research them - it is simple, your business won't keep up with those that do. So we’ve decided to write a blog on one of the most popular techniques.