Digital Contracts lands inside Lifesycle

Another incredible tool lands in the Lifesycle platform for Estate & Letting agents, helping them to work smarter.

Lifesycle has been designed to significantly raise the productivity of Estate & Letting agents by helping them to work in a smarter way through the centralised use of technology in their business. By bringing marketing, listings and leads together into one centralised platform Lifesycle is quickly becoming known as the iPhone for Estate Agency and reinventing the way agents work.

Laura Howey and Kelly Jeffrie are the co-founders of award winning estate agency, Love Property, based in North Yorkshire. Rob discovers how Laura and kelly set their company up, the struggles they have been through and how they have a unique process which allows them to sell properties in 30 days.

If you are an Estate Agent, you have probably heard all of the reasons that you should be using Lifesycle, how about some reasons why you shouldn’t?

Statistics from Lifesycle have thrown up some incredible insights into one of the best places to gather new instructions that most agents probably know about, but are missing out on.

Neil King is one of the top Independent Agents is the UK and the Founder of Neil King Residential. A Multi Award winning agent in the UK Estate Agency Industry and he gives his thoughts on how working with Iceberg Digital has changed his business, what worried him before he joined and why he could no longer live without Lifesycle.