How a content marketing loop works and why you need one

Content marketing can be hugely successful for a business when done correctly. But it can quickly become a nightmare of un-quantifiable work if a whole content marketing loop is not in place. In this short video we explain how to make sure you have the whole loop in place for maximum results.

Filmed way back in 2017, Mark Burgess, CEO of Iceberg Digital, invented the 'Content Marketing Loop' methodology in order to help companies understand what they were trying to achieve by using this form of marketing. He spoke about this in his first book "Where Did My Industry Go' which went on to become a best selling marketing book.

In his latest best selling book "The Estate Agency Revolution' he dives further into how you use clever data to do this and how without it, your Estate Agency will always end up losing to competitors that do.

In this short video we explain how to make sure you have the whole loop in place for maximum results. His latest book is available from Amazon here.

Excitement comes when you receive a lead, you call them, only to be faced with disappointment they are not ready for you to come around and the price provided on the instant val was completely wrong. Despite advising that you can visit them to give a better price, they do not want a face to face chat yet. You need the missing piece to you funnel.

A market appraisal call from a landlord will always remain an exciting moment in the office, especially after your efforts in attracting them to reach out to you. But what does your team ask them on that call? Here are 5 questions to ask when booking in a landlord market appraisal, alongside the usual property and availability information.

Warren Buffet once said, “If you don’t find a way to earn money while you sleep, you’ll work until you die.” The core of what he really meant is that automation is the key to being successful in any area of life. Find out how Estate Agents that are now doing just that are beating their competition while they sleep.

Right now the market is busy but Estate and Letting Agents are so busy, they are forgetting one key aspect to their business that will come back to bite them.