How to display your different type of valuations on your website

How to display your different type of valuations on your website

In this guide, find out our tips on the best way to give potential sellers access to your range of choices when it comes to instant, social distancing or face to face valuations so that it makes sense to them and helps get you more leads.

With 3 different types of valuations available to potential sellers, from instant valuations generated automatically, to social distancing valuations where they upload photos and information remotely right through to the traditional face to face valuation it can be difficult to know how to cram all of that information into your website in an easy to read way that demonstrates just how much of an innovative agent you are.

Fortunately, we have come up with a simple guide on how to do this so that you can just pass this over to your website people and ask them to recreate it for you using the links from your Lifesycle system.

At the start of 2020, Rob Brady, Innovationist at Iceberg Digital, Co-Authored ‘Sales Genius 2’ which became an Amazon #1 Best Seller in ‘Sales and Marketing’ & ‘Sales Techniques’. In the book he wrote about 3 client experiences which helped acquire 36 properties to let, and his 5 values in creating a lifetime client.

Creating a great customer experience strategy will help you improve customer satisfaction and receive recommendations which will help increase revenues. Here are 4 ways to improve this.

How can you cut through the noise with an instant direct message to your landlords, without it being drowned out and perhaps not even noticed? Using SMS marketing is an effective way to send powerful, one-off messages to a landlord which will allow them to connect with you from a distance.

Purplebricks are due to restart their national advertising campaign today. It focuses on the fact that they now do in house or virtual viewings and valuations and it will run on TV and social media but what can you do in order to hit back as opposed to grinding your teeth quietly?