I just don’t have the time to do everything in my business!

I just don’t have the time to do everything in my business!

Does this sound familiar? I wish I had the time to do all of the things in my business that I know need to be done around marketing, chasing valuations and finding new opportunities in the database but we never have time to do it! If so read on…

I need more time! Do you struggle to find the time to post content across all the different social media platforms that are required in order for you to be consistently putting your message out there to the public and attract new people towards your company?

Do you struggle to find the time to build and send a monthly newsletter to your database, every single month without fail, on the same day each month so that your contact knows when to expect it?
Do you struggle to stay in contact with every single valuation that you've ever been out on to make sure you are not losing out?

Do you struggle to speak to every single portal enquiry that you receive and find out if there are any opportunities from those people in terms of mortgages and valuations to make your life easier?

What if there was a system that could do all of that for you and more without you needing to do much at all to make it work, a system that would allow you to then just concentrate on the human side of estate agency? Breaking all of that work down for you and just presenting you with the opportunities from it.

Need more valuations? – here is a list of the best people to call that have properties to sell, which are not yet on the market…

Need more instructions? – here is a list of the best people to speak to that you are waiting on and have been reading your content…

Need some new landlords? – here are all of the buyers that have registered with you looking to buy investment properties in the last 12 months…

Lifesycle is not a crm. Lifesycle is not a marketing platform. Lifesycle is not an email platform.

Lifesycle is a smarter way of working for estate & letting agents, making sure that no opportunity is ever lost again and allowing you to do double the work in half the time but you don’t need to take our word for it. Listen to what agents who use Lifesycle to transform the way they work say here.

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