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In this video you can find out not only how to make creating content easier and more consistent but how to make that content both meaningful and useful in order to offer value to the reader/viewer but to also highlight your business.

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In 2019 we spoke about the technical revolution coming our way in the 2020’s. The past year has speeded this up at an astronomical rate. In 2021, fundamental technologies will change the way Estate & Letting Agents work forever and it won’t be a ‘portal’ that does it…

Mark Burgess, CEO of Iceberg Digital has written 2 best-selling business books, is regularly invited to speak at events and on TV and has built a multi million pound business with no sales team. In this article he talks about one of the major issues that he feels effects how profitable your estate agency is.

Why Smart Lifecycle Systems are as big for Estate & Letting Agency as Smart phones were for the mobile phone industry. But what are they and will you still need your CRM?

Does this sound familiar? I wish I had the time to do all of the things in my business that I know need to be done around marketing, chasing valuations and finding new opportunities in the database but we never have time to do it! If so read on…