New Feature: Magic moments

New Feature: Magic moments

Always stay one step ahead of the competition by letting Lifesycle notify the right members of your team automatically when it is the perfect time to close their new instruction deals...

Receiving instant notifications by email automatically from Lifesycle when things of interest are happening such as when someone you have done a market appraisal for is reading through your website or looking at some of your content on social media is an incredibly useful feature in Lifesycle. However, up until now it has been difficult to change who those notifications go to in your organisation as you have only had the choice of sending them to the related user, Branch Managers or Company Owners.

So we have listened to our users and are pleased to announce a change to the functionality in automations, whereby you can now specifically select the user or users that you would like to receive different types of notifications, making sure that your team are ALWAYS in the right place at the right time to stay ahead of the competition.

For more information on how this works speak to one of our team or dive straight into automations and take a look for yourself.

Right now the market is busy but Estate and Letting Agents are so busy, they are forgetting one key aspect to their business that will come back to bite them.

Content marketing can be hugely successful for a business when done correctly. But it can quickly become a nightmare of un-quantifiable work if a whole content marketing loop is not in place. In this short video we explain how to make sure you have the whole loop in place for maximum results.

Katie Cromwell is the owner and director of No86, an independent estate agency near Swansea in Wales. Rob discovers how Katie started her online and high street agency and some best practices she adopts, including the use of technology to ensure she runs her business as efficiently and smart as possible.

Warren Buffet once said, “If you don’t find a way to earn money while you sleep, you’ll work until you die.” The core of what he really meant is that automation is the key to being successful in any area of life. Find out how Estate Agents that are now doing just that are beating their competition while they sleep.