New Lifesycle feature: Top up your SMS credits yourself

New Lifesycle feature: Top up your SMS credits yourself

It’s a proven fact that SMS marketing will help strengthen your business, so with this in mind, we have now made it super easy for our users to control their SMS credits within Lifesycle by simply topping them up and adding these themselves.

We have improved Lifesycle yet again and are now making it even easier for our users to remain in control of their own SMS credit limits by simply clicking a button to top these up. 

As more and more Estate and Letting Agents looks to target their customers on the move, we understand that SMS is becoming an essential part of an effective marketing strategy for our clients. There are many benefits to SMS marketing such as the high open rates, it's inexpensive, you can achieve a large reach, it's an instant form of communication and not to mention it has been shown to provide high conversion rates.

SMS marketing is just one of the many tools within the Lifesycle platform and now with the simple click of a button our users can add SMS credits to their account to ensure they can communicate with their clients whilst remaining in control of their budgets.

For more information on how to do this simply speak to one of our team or jump straight into Lifesycle and visit the Settings section and click on SMS and Email Settings where you will see the button to add more SMS credits to your account.

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