No more paper notes on valuations as Lifesycle will convert hand written and audio notes to text.

Covid-19 has speeded up innovation across the globe and our wonderful industry of Estate and Letting Agents is no different. Sitting right at the forefront of that innovation has been Lifesycle, which many agents have claimed is not only the best Estate Agency software ever built but that it is truly revolutionising the way they work.

In this video we show agents how they can save hours of wasted time by using clever functions inside Lifesycle that will convert your written notes and even audio notes over into text directly inside Lifesycle. This is not only possible for notes but anything inside Lifesycle, such as writing/speaking blog content and composing emails by pen or voice too!

Valuers can now take their iPad on a valuation and be updating their office based systems in real time as it happens. Watch the video above to see an example of how this works and empower your teams to embrace Lifesycle and work smarter.

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