Perfect Pitch Workshop - how to be seen as vital on every valuation

Perfect Pitch Workshop - how to be seen as vital on every valuation

Estate Agents are always searching for great listers but they are like unicorns. Instead, build a perfectly repeatable valuation structure FOR your listers, to make them great! Learn the structure from appointment booking, through how to structure their pitch, to long term prospecting in order to make them great. In this completely free workshop...

Estate Agents often go looking to employ listers who they imagine will be like superheroes to their business. That they will fly in and using their experience start winning listings at record fees from day one without the owner really needing to get involved. Unfortunately, this usually goes wrong. The white knight does not exist and even if they did, it is a dangerous way to run your business, in case they leave.

In this completely free workshop, Mark Burgess, two time best-selling author of business books and host of the business TV show for entrepreneurs called 'Raising Your Game', will talk agents through a workbook on how to make the perfectly repeatable process, structure and systems required for their valuations from appointment booking and setting your lister up to win, how to structure their pitch, making it easy for the owner to sign up and through to long term prospecting and nurturing, in order to make sure that it is the company that has the structure in place to win the business and that you are not reliant on trying to find that elusive superhero lister but instead can help make your people great so that if your staff do change over time you can simply slot the new employee into your system.

When: 9th September 2020
Where: Zoom
Time: 10am
Duration: 2.5hrs approx

Whilst this workshop is free, places are limited so please be courteous to others and only register if you actually intend to attend. Click the here to register for this workshop.

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