What exactly is Lifesycle Performance Coaching?

What exactly is Lifesycle Performance Coaching?

Normal procedure is that you are provided a customer service team who can help with training or support, assist with problems but they are unable to provide guidance with the methodology behind the software. You may be provided with a BDM (Business Development Manager) or Account Manager who checks in once a month, to see if your using it, but usually without ever having experienced what it is to be an estate agent. They may appear to lack compassion, empathy or vision in helping you to understand how to truly implement the software. 

You end up stuck in a long term contract, the product either left off to the side or you face a daily struggle and endless cycle of asking the team to use it which will cause tension in the office. You also soon realise that the standalone product you’ve invested in, won’t solve it all, meaning you are being chased by endless BDM suppliers asking what’s going on but without an actionable development plan in how they could assist you. 

Does the above sound familiar? How many times have you been in this situation? 

We hear many agents coming to Iceberg Digital having these problems that whilst suppliers are keen to sign up you up, you are always left feeling frustrated that you’re left in the dark afterwards? Not only does Lifesycle solve many problems for agents, allowing them to work smarter with the many tools available to them in one central platform, but we also provide our clients a new experience not seen before within the property industry. 

A Performance Coaching Team that will work with you as a client, on a Strategic Performance and Growth Development plan, unlocking your business assets that will help transform the innovation within your business over the course of 6 months, covering in Lifesycle the following aspects:

- Culture & Leadership
- Marketing  
- Data
- Efficiencies 
- Customer Journeys 

Our Performance Coaches are all ex-agents who have performed at their highest level within the property industry or developed certain expertise so will have the knowledge and compassion in coaching you and your team to unlock your businesses potential. On successful implementation of our plan and the transformation you will see within your business, we will present you with an Iceberg Digital Recognition Award in Leading Innovation in Estate Agency, something to be proud of, shout about and inform your future clients.

On top of this we have our Lifesycle Academy currently offering Level 1 and 2 Certification on the Lifesycle platform for your team to work through and complete. As Lifesycle grows our coaches will continue to add further bespoke courses, alongside workshops and ’Hints and Tips’ within our Lifesycle Community Group channels.

Learn and grow into the New Age of Estate Agency with support and a thriving community behind you.

You don't have to go it alone. Master the new ways of working in Estate & Letting Agency and get the most out of your tools with Lifesycle's legendary customer support team, tutors, coaches and a community of hundreds of agents just like you. We have even built our very own Lifesycle Academy just for you and your team.