Why no one cares about the things your estate agency does

Why no one cares about the things your estate agency does

Heard this before? With our agency, every property has a video tour, floorplan, professional photography, email marketing, and exposure on the portals – no one cares, and here is why…

What is the point of an Estate or Lettings Agent?

It may seem a dumb question, but it is one that can and will create a fundamental change in the way your company both works and conducts marketing, if you can bring yourself to ponder the question for long enough.

The obvious answer: To Sell or Let someone’s property for them.

Ok simple, done. Strike will do that for free so that’s that done, so why are you still in business?

Oh, that’s right. They are not a ‘real’ estate agency. Ok so how about one of the other agents on your high street? The owner of some of those businesses has as much on the line as you do, they are offering to do it for less than you are so again, why do people choose you?

Once you begin to ponder this question, you will start to find the real gold inside your business. You do not ‘value’ property, you do not do ‘video tours’ you do not do ‘floor plans and professional photos’ because anyone and everyone does that. It is worthless. It is a commodity.

So what is it, inside YOUR business that is not worthless. That people DO value?

Just like a mind reader, I know your next answer: The personal service, right? Wrong again I am afraid. Not because you don’t give a personal service, but because, like it or not, everyone else reading this article (and those not reading it) answered the same way, so again, why do people choose you?

It is not a simple answer and it is hopefully obvious to you that it is a different answer for everyone and that is a great thing. Because when you do find that answer, you will begin to know, who your company was built to serve as it is not ‘anyone thinking of selling or letting a property’.

It is also not ‘those people looking for a great service’ (is anyone not looking for a great service?!)

If you are stuck, perhaps you are being too general with your ideas around what you do and taking some of the things you do for granted. For instance what do you actually mean by a great service? You might be thinking, well we speak to each and every one of our sellers every week in person..

Ok, so don’t sum this up as ‘a great service’. You exist for those people who never want to feel left in the dark on their property transaction.

If that is important to people, they will love what you do, if it is not, they won’t care. This will lead to your marketing and valuation efforts bringing you in the right kind of leads as opposed to just ‘leads’.

It will change the way you write content to be around how being left in dark on a property transaction can feel like the loneliest place in the world. It will change your customer journey and allow you and your team to double down on the things that matter to your company and it will allow you to deliver a world class service to your clients, because they want what you are offering.

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