The world is evolving and this means that marketing and customer expectations have also evolved. Marketing is now smarter than ever before and if you fail to understand new methods, or even fail to research them - it is simple, your business won't keep up with those that do. So we’ve decided to write a blog on one of the most popular techniques.

The events of Covid 19 have left every industry wondering what comes next? The majority of Estate and Letting agencies out there are small businesses. Even large chains ultimately come down to individual branches. Because of this it is important to l

Sometimes the biggest of problems is solved by just a little bit of extra knowledge. So we have complied a list of books that make great reading for anyone looking to run a successful estate agency.

At the start of 2020, Rob Brady, Innovationist at Iceberg Digital, Co-Authored ‘Sales Genius 2’ which became an Amazon #1 Best Seller in ‘Sales and Marketing’ & ‘Sales Techniques’. In the book he wrote about 3 client experiences which helped acquire 36 properties to let, and his 5 values in creating a lifetime client.

How can you cut through the noise with an instant direct message to your landlords, without it being drowned out and perhaps not even noticed? Using SMS marketing is an effective way to send powerful, one-off messages to a landlord which will allow them to connect with you from a distance.

For those estate agents that just want to focus on being an estate agent, we have created a list of suppliers who can help you with awesome content writing, social media management and design work.

Saying your own product is revolutionising an industry is one thing but in this video a whole host of independent people from industry thought leaders, world famous entrepreneurs, best selling authors, industry suppliers and some of the countries leading estate agents themselves talk about how Lifesycle is changing the way the industry works.

Estate/Letting agents. Reinvent the way you do marketing for new instructions and beat your competitors hands down.

Calling all Estate Agents -Join our next workshop and find out how to make every Vendor and Landlord love you.

In this guide, find out how Rob Brady, multi-award winning former agent, would use the power of SMS marketing within Lifesycle to specifically communicate and target more Vendors and Landlords.

In this video, Mark Burgess, CEO of Iceberg Digital, successful entrepreneur, PropTech speaker & best-selling author explains what dormant and active markets are and why they are important in not just estate agency but all business

Email marketing still remains one of the most effective methods of business communication. Free, instant and direct – there isn’t a much better marketing strategy but just how do you get those clicks and stay consistent without it becoming a pain? We’ve come up with 3 simple and effective methods to make your email strategies work well.