Find out why the trusted call back diary is now one of the biggest things killing traditional estate agency. The call back diary - An essential part of agency since, well, forever! But could this long-standing tool be the main thing killing traditional agency?

In this guide, multi-award winning former agent, Rob Brady tells you how he would use Lifesycle with its SDV (Social Distancing Valuation) Tool to help build a pipeline of future vendors and landlords before meeting them face to face.

When it comes to successful marketing, it’s always the big guys that are used as examples. Endless research highlights the success of Nike, Apple and McDonalds but how can you compete without the time, budget or resources available to them? Which is why we’ve come up with a list of marketing tactics that won’t blow your marketing budget.

Content marketing can be hugely successful for a business when done correctly. But it can quickly become a nightmare of un-quantifiable work if a whole content marketing loop is not in place. In this short video we explain how to make sure you have the whole loop in place for maximum results.

In this video, Mark Burgess, CEO of Iceberg Digital, explains a new feature in Lifesycle that will automatically try to help push your instant valuations along the road to becoming real valuations without worrying that any of them might fall through the cracks.

In this video, Mark Burgess, CEO of Iceberg Digital and best selling author of the book 'Where did my industry go?' explains in 3 short tips some of the biggest mistakes agents are making with their marketing

Mark Burgess, CEO of Iceberg Digital, and best-selling author, explains why content marketing is now an essential aspect of all successful businesses and why just doing leaflets is just burning your cash.

Mark Burgess, CEO of Iceberg Digital, explains why the marketing that has worked so well for you over the past 10+ years is no longer working.

Way back in 2017, Mark Burgess, CEO of Iceberg Digital, was explaining to our industry what content marketing is and how you can use it in your business to make your marketing more engaging for your potential audience. Nowadays, everyone is on the bandwagon. Iceberg Digital, for those agents that want to stay at the forefront of innovation.